Interesting facts about aquariums and their equipment

An aquarium offers countless design possibilities...

...for this we offer you a wide range of decoration and aquarium caves made of clay.

Setting up an aquarium is usually easy with a little skill. Plan a new underwater landscape with clay tubes and caves in various colours, sizes and models. In most cases, the aquarium furnishings consist of sand or gravel, plants and roots and/or stones and are based on the preferences of the operator, but in the best case also and above all on the needs of the inhabitants.

You can set up theme tanks that recreate specific biotopes, or do aquascaping and use them to recreate large landscapes on a small scale. Pure species tanks are just as possible as community aquariums with a variety of different fish species that should fit together. Newcomers to aquarium keeping usually have no preferences yet and start with a small community tank. Over time, many aquarium keepers develop a preference for one or the other and specialise or set up different tanks with different focuses.

Most of the time you can't get past one of the furnishings, the caves. It depends on the animals that are to be kept, what kind and form is needed in each case. Caves made of clay are particularly suitable here, as they do not release harmful substances into the water and generally do not influence the water parameters. Clay can also be shaped in many different ways, so that numerous design options are available. Therefore, the range of caves, spawning caves, tubes and other articles is very extensive.

Once infected with the Aquarian Virus, you know the phenomenon of multiplication in the tank... But not everyone has the possibility and the space to run many normal sized to large aquariums, so there is now a growing selection of nano aquariums that fit 'into the smallest hut' even in larger numbers. But not only lack of space is a point for the Nano-Tank. Skilfully designed, a nano aquarium can be an eye-catcher where you would not expect it. We also offer suitable furnishing requirements for such small tanks, so that e.g. shrimps can find plenty of room even in such a small space.

For this purpose, shrimp trunks are used, for example, with which the available space in the height can be used for the shrimp. Planted, they offer the animals an ideal grazing area where they can be easily observed. They constantly move on such a shrimp trunk in order to graze microorganisms or algae.

Another special aquarium decoration are the Axolotl caves made of clay. Here, caves were developed in cooperation with owners and breeders of axolotls, which offer the animals optimal hiding places. Meanwhile, there are different types of tunnels and igloos.

All AquaKeramik products made of clay are purely handmade, each one is unique.