AquaKeramik medium tunnel 23-25 cm with windows

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Tunnel with 2 windows
Length approx. 23-25 cm
Height approx. 6 cm
not recommended for axolotl
Please note: Notes on the colours



Medium tunnel with side windows

Many ornamental fish such as small cichlids, loaches or catfish and also invertebrates such as crayfish and shrimps love temporary shade and to retreat into small niches or tunnels. This shelter is open throughout with two small openings on the sides (portholes/windows).

The windows can serve as a passage for smaller fish or you can, for example, place a tall plant so that it grows through this opening.

To give the shelter a bit of naturalness, the surfaces of the single-coloured tunnels are hand-decorated. The multi-coloured tunnels (camouflage, vintage, navy, surprise and supernova) do not receive any additional decoration so as not to disturb the colour pattern.

We explicitly do NOT offer this type of tunnel for axolotls! The opening is kept relatively small, but it cannot be ruled out that an axolotl will fit its head through and then get stuck.

Each tunnel is unique, color variations are desired and intended.
Please note: Notes on the colours

length approx. 23-25 cm, height approx. 6 cm

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Weight 1,20 kg

camouflage (black/white/terracotta), navy (black/weiß), supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), vintage (grey-white), white, dark brown, terracotta red