Color designations of the clay products

The color designations dark brown, terracotta, white and black certainly speak for themselves and require no further explanation. The situation is different with the special colors, so here is a brief overview.

With these special colors, the pattern is random and can hardly be planned. The pattern is usually coarser at the beginning of the use of a new lump of clay, while it becomes finer and finer as the process progresses. Delivery of the goods is based on stock, a selection by sample is not possible for logistical reasons. You are welcome to let us know in the comments field whether you would prefer a coarser or finer pattern, and whether you would prefer to wait until the next ones with this coloring are available (usually a maximum of 14 working days later), then we will be happy to check in the warehouse whether we can meet your request or, if we are notified accordingly, we will then ship later.


Iglu aus Ton für Axolotl 3 Eingänge 18 cm supernovaFutterschale Aquarium Axolotl 14 cm supernovaTonröhre RH5 supernova Aquarium Welsröhre


AquaKeramik Iglu-Höhle aus Ton 14 cm Pelvicachromis camouflageAquakeramik Dekoblatt camouflage großTunnelbogen aus Ton camouflageAquakeramik Steinhöhle Felsenhöhle Nr. 4 camouflage

AquaKeramik Iglu aus Ton camouflage grobes Muster


Tunnel aus Ton mit Fenstern 28 cm T3 navy

Futterschale Aquarium Axolotl 14 cm navyAquaKeramik Iglu aus Ton navy feines MusterFutterschale Aquarium Axolotl 14 cm navy


Aquakeramik Tridacna Igluhöhle Muschel surprise Axolotl Höhle


Tunnel aus Ton für Axolotl 18 cm vintageIglu aus Ton für Axolotl 3 Eingänge 25 cm vintageAquaKeramik flache Iglu-Höhle aus Ton 8 cm vintage