EBO Foods Premium Fish Food for Ornamental Fish

Developed by the breeder for the breeder

Our high quality ornamental fish food has been developed by experienced breeders to provide a balanced and nutritious diet that meets the needs of our ornamental fish and promotes their health. It consists of carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality to ensure optimal digestibility and nutrient absorption.

One of the outstanding features of our fish food is its excellent digestibility. Due to the optimised composition of the feed, the nutrients are efficiently absorbed and the fish can optimally utilise it. However, it is crucial to feed only small amounts at a time to ensure the rapid and complete absorption of all food particles at all times. This minimises the contamination of the aquarium water by undigested food residues, which leads to comparatively better water quality in the long run.

The interaction of the selection of high-quality ingredients, careful processing and optimised feedings, support the stability and health of the small aquatic ecosystem.

EBO Foods Premium Fish Food contains a balanced mixture of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that meet the specific nutritional needs of ornamental fish. The proteins contained support the growth and colouring of the fish, while the carbohydrates provide rapidly available energy. The addition of essential vitamins and minerals strengthens the immune system of the fish and promotes their general health.

Different dosage forms such as paste, soft granules, tabs or sticks/pellets meet the individual needs of the different fish species. EBO Premium fish food is easy to dose and feed, and the high-quality packaging ensures a long shelf life and freshness of the product.

Special mixtures offer the right feed for every need.

EBO Softgranules – for high acceptance and digestibility

We offer our soft granulate in different grain sizes. EBO Artemia Softgran and EBO Spirulina Softgran are even available in four different sizes, e.g. fine rearing food with a size of 0.4-0.6 mm up to coarse granules of 1.4-2.2 mm diameter for larger fish.

We have the varieties EBO Insect, Mussel, Sponge and Seafood Softgran for you to choose from in fine (1.0 mm) and coarse (1.8 mm) as small globules.

EBO Sticks for Carnivore

EBO Shrimp and Mussel Sticks are very hard (pressed three times harder than commercially available food tablets) and remain dimensionally stable and do not disintegrate, even after a long time in the aquarium. This property is an unbeatable advantage, especially for reluctant eaters or nocturnal animals.

EBO Sticks not only for vegetarians

EBO Veggie Sticks consist of 100% vegetables, are made without preservatives and offer both herbivores and omnivorous catfish a healthy and protein-rich food. We use the sticks in the breeding of all catfish as a dietary supplement or staple feed, depending on the species.

EBO Tabs – food tablets in disc form

EBO Spirulina Tabs with crustaceans and molluscs and 30 % spirulina is suitable for all herbivorous and omnivorous bottom dwellers and is very suitable for rearing young fish.

EBO Plankton Tabs with added Pacific Krill offers a high vitamin and protein content and is suitable for all carnivorous and omnivorous bottom dwellers. The food tablets swell to twice their volume and form a food carpet that is ideal for rearing young fish.

EBO Paste

Our EBO pastes can be formed e.g. into a 5-10 mm ball and put into the rearing box or tank. Of course, you can also apply the paste to surfaces such as an aquarium glass or a feeding bowl. The fine paste forms a fine food film and thus feeds the young animals.