EBO Sponge Professional Softgran Premium Fish Food

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Fish food with freshwater sponges


EBO Sponge Professional Softgran Premium Fish Food

Some of our fish feed on freshwater sponges, especially the genus Pseudacanthicus. This diet inspires the EBO Sponge Professional Softgran .

The active ingredients and minerals contained in the sponge have a detoxifying effect and help to remove harmful substances from the body. Contained antimicrobial peptides are tested in naturopathy as a substitute for antibiotics.

This positive effect, coupled with our proven soft granulate base, is a sensible addition to our animals’ diet.

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1 mm, 1,8 mm

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Shelf life & Storage

When ordered, the feed has a shelf life of at least 11 months at room temperature.

Store properly:
Always store feed in a dark place and covered to preserve the ingredients.
To increase shelf life, store feed in the refrigerator (then it will last about twice as long).
Do not freeze this product. During the freezing process, many ingredients are lost.