EBO Guppy Deluxe fish food complete food for ornamental fish


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Complete food for guppies and other surface feeding fish
Powerbooster fish food with many unsaturated fatty acids
Very fine granules (0.1-0.3 mm)

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EBO Guppy Deluxe Premium Food for Ornamental Fishes

Our Guppy Deluxe Premium fish food is of course not only suitable for guppies 🙂
This food floats on the water surface, which makes it a recorded food for all fish that like to collect their food on the water surface.

The very fine grain size makes it an ideal rearing food for young fish, but it is just as applicable for the big ones. Due to the small grain size and the fact that the food floats on top for a long time and does not trickle into the tank so quickly, the animals are kept busy for a long time and there is not so much left over for snail & Co to use for leftovers.

This complete food without preservatives contains many unsaturated fatty acids and is a real power booster especially for the young fish breeding of all fish feeding at the water surface.

Feeding instructions: Feed daily in small portions. Do not feed the animals to full.

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Additives per KG

Trace elements: ferrous (II) sulphate heptahydrate 30 mg, potassium iodite 1.5 mg, copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate 4 mg, manganese sulphate monohydrate 12 mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 73 mg


Molluscs and crustaceans, fish and fish by-products, oils and fats, cereals, yeasts.

Feeding instructions

Feed several times a day in small portions. Do not feed the animals too much.
The tasty food promotes digestion and contains a high value of essential fatty acids.

Grain size

0.1-0.3 mm

Identification number


Shelf life & Storage

When ordered, the feed has a shelf life of at least 11 months at room temperature.

Store properly:
Always store feed in a dark place and covered to preserve the ingredients.
To increase shelf life, store feed in the refrigerator (then it will last about twice as long).
Do not freeze this product. During the freezing process, many ingredients are lost.