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Shrimp caves made of clay

When setting up shrimp aquariums, small decorative clay tubes should not be missing. Shrimp also like to retreat into tubes and caves. Here your animals will not only find shelter; food and plant remains can also be eaten in peace.

Our clay tubes and shrimp caves are fired from clay and do not release any harmful substances into the water. A special feature of these decorative elements is the possibility of attaching sit-on plants such as anubias or mosses to them.

The surfaces have been made porous or roughened, so that mosses, for example, find it easier to hold on to. This means that the caves can be covered with algae or mosses after a short time, giving them an even more natural look.

A special feature for a shrimp aquarium are the ceramic tube stacks made of clay. Here the clay tubes are put together in completely different ways. Only clay is used to join them together, no adhesives are used.

You can find our shrimp caves and stacked clay tubes here under shrimp and crab caves.