Spawning burrows for cave Breeders

Fired clay in a wide variety of shapes as a natural decorative object is no longer just a trend in the field of aquaristics. Handcrafted clay caves offer the aquarium inhabitants species-appropriate hiding and breeding possibilities. Almost every imaginable cave form can be recreated from clay. The standard models front entrance (also available in triangular or rectangular/square) is ideal for most L-catfish and crabs in many size variations. Caves with side or middle entrance are often used by Ancistrus species. Also there are the continuously open tubes for those who cannot swim backwards like the Witch Catfish. (In pools with witch catfish there should never be closed caves! The animals swim in and never come out, in the worst case they die in them. )

Besides these models, which are widely used in the aquarium market, many other types of construction can be moulded from clay. For example, conical caves with front entrance, which are often better suited for particularly demanding catfish than “normal” caves, as the animals can find the optimal point in the cave for wedging with their fins. Slatted caves for rock slatted breeders are possible as well as freely formed pieces according to customer requirements.

AquaKeramik IglusAquaKeramik Laichhöhle

Half-shell caves also belong to the useful cave types. Modelled on the nature of a coconut shell, the igloos fired from clay are used by a wide variety of cichlid species both as a retreat and as spawning caves. There are igloo caves of various sizes adapted to the great diversity of cichlid species. Many different colours also give you the corresponding decorative scope for design. The igloos can be planted with water plants and mosses to enhance the natural effect. All spawning caves from AquaKeramik and ARGIDO are handmade and therefore absolutely unique. For special sizes simply contact us.