Aquaceramics shrimp trunk made of clay

AquaKeramik Garnelenstämme

Shrimp strains and shrimp hydras are excellent for extending the range of movement for shrimp in the aquarium. Rough surfaces and small openings allow mosses or other plants to be attached. Under optimal conditions, the mosses will overgrow the shrimp trunk, and it is precisely then that such a trunk offers an interesting habitat, as the small invertebrates graze the growth that forms on the surfaces of the trunks and mosses.

The shrimp trunk is open inside throughout. This means that even young shrimp can retreat here and search for food in safety. The shrimp hydra is not hollow, its fine branches extend differently into the room with each individual piece. All shrimp trunks can be pressed into the ground with their stable feet and can therefore be stably positioned.

To look as natural as possible, the trunks are slightly bent (depending on size), small openings look like broken branches. To assure that many aquarium sizes can be decorated with a shrimp trunk, we have three sizes in our program: Ranging from 10 cm to 18 cm and up to 30 cm in height.

Hydra Garnelenstämme aus gebrannter Tonerde