Nano Aquarium with decoration made of clay

Nano Aquarium – A trend in aquaristics

The nano aquarium as a mini biotope in our living rooms and offices is more topical than ever.
Everything a little smaller, from the technology to the inhabitants “everything nano”. In order to set up this dwarf aquarium, many things here may be a little smaller than in the usual large aquariums.

Nano Aquarium as Mini-Biotope

Also for the friends of smallest underwater worlds we offer with handmade decoration articles from clay various design possibilities for nano and mini aquaria.

Aquariums with a size of 10 to 30 litres usually provide the habitat for small crabs, snails, shrimps and very small fish. Especially for these tiny inhabitants we have designed our nano-decorative clay articles. The natural clay has the great advantage that it does not release any harmful substances and can be easily planted due to its porous surface. Manufactured by hand, the aquarist has the possibility to create his own underwater world with the different coloured caves, tunnels, tubes, igloos, trunks and deco leaves. Placed close enough to the glass pane of the aquarium, the animals can then be observed very beautifully.

Which decoration is available in the Nano Aquarium?

Not all inhabitants of these mini-biotopes need a cave or tube. Some animals use the decoration made of clay as an attractive climbing frame, like the shrimp, which can also use the open water space with the help of an (overgrown) shrimp trunk, for example, thus extending their range of movement.

The same quality standard is applied to the production of nano-decorative articles made of clay, as to all other models. Important here is the exact processing without corners or edges where the animals could injure themselves.

Another aspect is the visual appearance. The first impression when looking at a nano aquarium is crucial. The interior designer, decorator or ‘scaper’, wants to create his mini underwater landscape (scape) in such a way that his image of nature is reproduced in the nano aquarium. Stones are often used here, but some ideas of the Scaper can also be reproduced from clay. If you also have ideas that cannot be realized in any other way, please ask us. Maybe we can help you with your special project by making a clay model.