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Birth of a rock for juvenile catfish

Löcherfelsen Jungfischfelsen im Aquarium mit L-Welsen

Some of you may wonder how our juvenile fish rocks are formed and whether they are not perhaps cast in a mould after all.
So today I will show you a little insight into the workshop practice 😊.

From 10 kg clay hub to habitat and perfect hiding place of a young L-catfish (or shrimps or whoever else fits in 😉):

The holes are made after splitting up the hub:

and then follows their design:

After firing at about 1090 °C:

More manual work is not possible. Each piece is different, according to the mood of my fingers and the respective inspiring music in the background – without Mozart, Vivaldi or Blank & Jones nothing would be possible… 😜

If you want one – here’s the way to the rock. If sold out, just send me an email, then I’ll throw the right disc into the system and off I go to the next rock birth…😂