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Special offer: only this week (13.01.-19.01.2020): 1 free B&H rearing ring Ø 100 mm to every Fry Factory!


The set for rearing young fish – first incubate, then raise 🙂

To most aquarists the purchase price for the Fry Factory seems quite high, but the part is really worth every cent! At the beginning we were also very sceptical, but after a short time of use it has really convinced us! It is uncomplicated and efficient, very easy to use, the nets can be used separately or together. Individual unfertilized eggs can be easily removed from the large open nets, there is no unpractical fiddling like with some other incubators. The nets are large enough for several clutches, the hatching success is very high, so that the purchase costs are quickly put into perspective.

We were also astonished that one movement per minute is sufficient to achieve a much better result than a more or less continuous movement in e.g. air-operated incubators. Here you can observe how this impulse helps the young fish to leave the egg shell:


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FryFactory with 100 mm ring in a set – only this week: 13.01.-19.01.2020!