Basic informations about aquarium plants care

Here are some basic informations about aquarium plants care in relative brevity. Who likes it more fully, please follow the links below.

Why add important nutrients?

Basically, our central European waters differ significantly most of the ones in which most aquatic plants used as aquarium plants are native. The composition is i.d.R. so that not all important trace elements are present in the required quantities, so it is relatively quickly without the supply of essential elements to an insufficient supply.

Poor plant growth goes hand in hand here often with excessive growth of algae. This is because algae as “low” water plants survive on less trace elements as “higher” water plants and so with trace element deficiency have a competitive advantage over the actual vegetation.

Here helps only consistent weekly partial water changes and targeted supply with iron and trace elements.

The “normal” planted community tank, however, is mostly in sufficient quantity, if not supplied even abound with nitrogen and phosphate.
The main source of this is the fish feed, which is at least partially supplied via the detour of the animal to water plants. These elements are therefore in water plant care products for aquarium usually not necessary (except plants are heavily dominated, fish aquariums poor). However, the other necessary trace elements are very often lack Substances which should be supplied in addition in order to achieve a stable, strong plant growth and to obtain (for detailed information see here).
Good water plant cares for community tanks such as the Fermendo system are therefore free of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Attend on?

  • The nitrate levels should between management measures (water bills) falling continuously.
  • The phosphate levels should also between the nursing measures (water bills) falling continuously.
  • Decreasing values of nitrate and nitrogen indicate that the nutrients supplied are consumed by aquatic plants.
  • The iron value should not fall below 0.1 mg / l fall (before the water change) ideally, slightly higher rates after dosage are not detrimental to the system.

Why should we add supplements?

How differs the aquarium water from natural water bodies?

What is the nutritional needs of aquatic plants and what is the correct dosage?