Information on our clay products

We manufacture all our clay products exclusively itself in carefully crafted. We use ceramic-lined stoneware composition, which is fired at about 1050-1100 °C. This gives the ceramic a dense surface. It can thus be no foreign substances store (as drugs after treatment of fish), and from the clay no ingredients can be dissolved cause they are tied. With us you are guaranteed to find no imported pottery.

We place special emphasis on the clean processing of the cavity edges to prevent injuries of the fish by our caves.

Because we have no machine-made mass-products, and the clay batches varies so that the greenware does not shrink equal during pre-drying, there may be slight deviations from the specified dimensions.

If you are looking for a clay article which we do not have in our program, please contact us. The preparation of individual caves at affordable prices is part of our daily business. The delivery time would be in this case, depending on the size of the piece, within 2-3 weeks, with very large, thick pieces possibly even longer.