Rock tunnel Stone tunnel narrow approx. 27x13x8 cm – safe hiding place also for axolotl

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Stone Cave Stone Tunnel for Aquarium and Terrarium
Axolotl cave
Handmade from stoneware clay
LxWxH approx. 27x13x8 cm
With all the hiding places that we offer for axolotls, we attach great importance to surfaces that are free from injury, so that as a rule no finishing work by you is necessary. 


AquaKeramik Rock Tunnel Stone Tunnel

safe hiding place with a natural look, also for axolotls

Replica of a real stone worked out as a tunnel for your fish, crayfish, axolotl and whoever fits in your aquarium 🙂

In the terrarium, too, your hamsters or mice or even reptiles will be happy to have a hiding place made of a natural material.

Unlike artificial materials, clay is “breathable” and highly heatable. In case of a problem in the tank that requires disinfection, a hiding place made of clay can simply be boiled or heated to a very high temperature in the oven.

We attach great importance to injury-free surfaces and manufacture our stone caves, as well as all other articles offered for axolotls, with special care in order to offer these sensitive creatures a safe hiding place.

LxWxH approx. 27x13x8 cm

We place great value on injury-free surfaces for all the hiding places we offer for axolotls, so that as a rule you do not need to rework them. 

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