Lotus Pod Medium for Aquarium


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Lotus capsule medium
6.5-8 cm

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Lotus pod medium for aquarium

The seed pods of the Indian lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera) have many small holes in which shrimps and small juvenile catfish can hide and find food. These natural hiding places blend harmoniously into a near-natural tank. Lotus capsules are rich in tannins and, similar to other natural products containing tannins, can lead to a slight lowering of the pH value. Similar to the effect of the sea almond tree, the active substances of the lotus pods also have many positive properties such as a slight antibacterial and stress-reducing effect. The lotus pods colour the water brown and are therefore also well suited for blackwater biotope aquaristics. Especially for Southeast Asian or Indian themed aquariums a real eye-catcher.

These seed pods are a by-product of human food production (almost every part of this plant is considered edible!) and are only cleaned and air-dried.

Like all natural products, the lotus capsule varies in shape and size. Each piece is unique!
Size approx. 6.5-8 cm

Recommendation for use:
You can simply put it in the tank, only then it will take a long time to sink. To be able to put the pod in place more quickly, it is advisable to prepare it. Place the pods in boiling water for about 40 minutes, preferably so that they are completely covered with water during this time. For this purpose, place a stone or other heavy object on the pods. Then leave them to soak further in water overnight (still weighted down). This will minimise the buoyancy of the pods.

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