Jequitiba capsule Jecetiba horn capsule as a cave or hiding place in the aquarium

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Jequitiba capsule – hard horn capsule as a cave or hiding place

The Jequitiba capsule (or Jecetiba) is the fruit capsule of the Jequitibá tree (Cariniana legalis) from the Lecythidaceae family and originates from the Brazilian rainforest.

Due to its elongated shape, the woody heavy capsule is ideal as a cave hiding place for small catfish, small perch, small crayfish or shrimps. The shell is much thicker and harder than that of the Wadara (Sero Fino) capsules, so it sinks faster and also lasts a little longer than its thinner “colleague”.

Like all natural products, these Jequitiba capsules vary in diameter, length and also a little in shape.
Input Ø approx. 2 cm

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