Sero Fino Wadara capsule as a cave or hiding place

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Sero Fino Wadara capsule Horn capsule as a cave or hiding place

The wadara capsule is the fruit capsule of the tauari tree (Couratari guianensis) from the Lecythidaceae family and originates from the South American rainforest.

Due to its elongated shape, the woody capsule is ideal as a cave hiding place for catfish, small perch or crayfish. As the shell is quite thin and the capsule is therefore very light, it should be attached using other structures in the aquarium if possible, e.g. with stones or clamped under a root or similar. With an adhesive suitable for use in the aquarium, it can of course also be glued to something heavy such as slate, stones or roots, so that the inhabitants cannot ‘go wandering’ with the cave.

Like all natural products, these Sero Fino pods vary in diameter, length and also a little in shape (some are a little curved, others rather straight).

The entrance Ø varies between 2-3 cm.

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