Paradise nut Sapucaia nut as a cave or hiding place

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Paradise nut Sapucaia nut as a cave or hiding place

The paradise nut or sapucaia nut belongs to the potted fruit family (Lecythidaceae) and includes a number of species of the genus Lecythis.

The capsule fruits (‘nuts’) are woody, hollow inside and have a centrally located round opening. This makes them a great little cave for small aquarium inhabitants, a very nice decorative hiding place that fits perfectly into a naturally designed aquarium.

The paradise nuts differ greatly in size and also in the size of the opening. Their surface has a rough structure and is therefore very suitable for planting e.g. mosses, as these can find a good hold on it.

Like any (woody) natural product, the sapucaia nut also initially floats up when placed in the water. You can weigh the pieces down with a stone or similar during the first few days to speed up the soaking process.

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