Quality through handcraft

Already in the early days of aquaristics clay was used as decoration in aquariums.
We all still remember the clay flowerpot. Many of these clay pots were already broken before they were put into the aquarium. When struck somewhere, it cracked.

Nowadays we also use clay, but it is much more impact resistant and the products we create already have openings or entrances and do not look like a flower pot.
AquaKeramik and ARGIDO products are handmade in high quality for your aquarium. Free-formed only with the help of self-created templates, a wide variety of cave variations are created for a large number of aquarium inhabitants.

Through this pure hand processing, small unique pieces are created, which have unevenness on the outside and inside, also wall thicknesses and grains of the models vary constantly and are intentional. In the natural surroundings of our ornamental fish there are places where the animals can hide or nurse their young. We try to imitate this with our handicraft.

AquaKeramik and ARGIDO – almost 20 years of experience in the field of production of catfish caves, crab caves and other ceramic decorations for aquaristics.