Turkish Hazel husk small


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Turkish Hazel husk

size ca. 3-4 cm

Totals 1,10 


Witch Hazel Small for Aquarium

The Turkish Hazel husk is the seed head of the Turkish Hazel (Corylus colurna). It offers numerous climbing and hiding places and is therefore a decorative natural ‘playground’ for shrimp and young crabs.

On the surface here as well as on other organic materials a biofilm develops which is grazed by shrimp & co.

Additionally the woody seed head releases valuable humic substances to the water, which contribute to the well-being of the aquarium inhabitants.

Turkish Hazel husks impress with their unusual look. Due to their numerous ramifications, they are enormously increasing the usable area for small inhabitants living on the ground.

Very suitable also for nano-aquariums!

The Hazel Husks can be easily added to the aquarium. To speed up  drop, just briefly infuse in hot water. A slight amber coloring of the water is possible due to the humic substances (as is also known from catappa products and alder cones).

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