Mulberry leaves for aquarium 10 g

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10 g mulberry leaves


Mulberry leaves for aquarium 10 g

Mulberry leaves are an ideal supplementary food for shrimps and add a healthy variety to the diet.

With 15-25 % they have a remarkably high protein content. They also contain important vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (including zinc, boron, manganese, fluorine and phosphorus). Thus, mulberry leaves are an excellent food for all shrimps and have a positive effect on their growth and moulting. You can find more information in the blog.

These leaves come from our own cultivation and are air-dried to preserve the nutrients in the leaves.

To make them sink faster, put mulberry leaves in hot water for 5-10 minutes, then let them cool and put them in the aquarium. Of course, you can also put them into the tank dry, but then it will take longer for them to sink.

10 g dried leaves in a practical resealable bag (corresponds to an average of 20-25 leaves depending on leaf size).

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