Shrimp trunk large 30 cm for aquarium


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Shrimp trunk for planting, climbing and hiding

Height approx. 30 cm, Ø approx. 15 mm

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AquaKeramik Large shrimp trunk approx. 30 cm for aquarium

This clay shrimp trunk is approx. 30 cm high and has a diameter of approx. 1.5 cm.

A shrimp trunk decoratively expands the area available for shrimps to climb, hide and graze on surfaces. Mosses can easily be tied up and the openings distributed in the trunk allow planting with e.g. Java fern or small Anubias.

The small residents can be conveniently positioned with the help of a shrimp trunk. They look for food there and rest. You can watch them up close.

The shrimp trunk has a stable and stable foot section. Three small openings were made on the hollow trunk itself and the surface was grained. Due to the porous surface it is ideal for mosses, because after a while it will be completely overgrown under favorable light and water conditions.

The clay products from aqua ceramics are handmade and modeled. Shape and details are based on the natural habitat environments. Every shrimp trunk is unique. Color deviations are desired and intended.

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