Shrimp feed SAK Caridina excellent


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high quality shrimp & cancer food

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SAK Caridina excellent Granulated food for shrimps

Shrimp feed SAK Caridina excellent specially designed as a highly digestible food for shrimps and crayfish. The highest quality ingredients ensure enough nutrients for shell formation, problem-free moulting and therefore healthy growth and optimal development of crustaceans.
SAK Caridina excellent does not cloud the water, the granulate is soft and does not decompose.

crustacean meal, wheat, dry algae Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaliella, soybean meal, fish meal, corn, alfalfa meal, seaweed meal, fish oil, wheat germ, carrot dried, dicalcium

Protein 38%, fat 6%, inorganic substances 16.5%, crude fiber 7%

Additives per kg:
Vitamins: A (E 672) 15800 IE, C 120 mg, D3 (E 671) 1200 IE
Dyes: Astaxanthin 75 mg
Trace elements: E 1 (Fe) 19 mg, E 3 (Co) 0,14 mg, E 5 (Mn) 25 mg, E 6 (Zn) 24 mg
with Antioxidants

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