Fish food SAK Spirulina


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for all species of ornamental fish with a higher demand for algae

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SAK Spirulina – The Algae food

Fish food SAK Spirulina is an extruded fish feed for all ornamental fish species that require a higher proportion of algae, especially spirulina. Especially Tropheus species and L-catfish appreciate the taste and unique composition. It is recommended to feed also other fish species such as Discus several times a week with fish food SAK Spirulina.

Dry algae Spirulina (25%), Dunaliella, wheat, crustacean meal, fish meal, spinach dried, Soybean meal, seaweed meal, egg products dried, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, fish oil, dicalcium

Analytical components:
Protein 44 %, fat 6.5 %, inorganic substances 12.9 %, crude fiber 4.9 %

Additives per kg:
Vitamins: A (E 672) 28000 IU, C 210 mg, D3 (E 671) 2100 IU; Dyes: Astaxanthin 50 mg; Trace elements: E 1 (Fe) 33 mg, E 3 (Co) 0.24 mg, E 5 (Mn) 43 mg, E 6 (Zn) 42 mg; with antioxidants

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