GrowCap® water plant fertilizer in capsules – ideal for small tanks


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5 GrowCap® capsules for tanks from 10-100 l

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GrowCap® aquatic plant fertilizer as fertilizer capsule – ideal for small aquariums

GrowCap® plant food in the practical small capsule. The unique composition of natural ingredients and selected microorganisms is particularly suitable for use in nano aquariums and tanks with a low bottom height due to the small capsule size. It can also be used to supply plants that are placed in plant pots.

The components are released slowly and work over a period of at least 8 to 12 weeks.

GrowCap® was developed for users who want to enjoy their aquarium without too much effort.

But also the advanced aquarist who works with CO2, a lot of light and a diverse flora will benefit from the green capsules. (Fast) growing plants, for example, often need more potassium, phosphate and nitrate; these are abundantly available in GrowCap®. Due to the unique soil effect these components do not lead to algae formation.

GrowCap® is 100 % natural, contains 100 % active ingredients and is produced sustainably.

An all-in-one formula specially developed for aquatic plants, which restores the natural balance. The result is clear water and beautiful, healthy plants.

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