Fermendo Root Powerballs Aquarium


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10 Root powerballs for aquarium plants

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FERMENDO Root-power in the soil – food for plant roots

FERMENDO Root powerballs are useful for the growth of rosette plants such as sword-leaved plants (Echinodorus sp.), water goblets (Cryptocoryne sp. – depending on type and lighting differently), water ears (Aponogeton sp.), water lily (Crinum sp.).

Recommended dosage:
Depending on the size of the plant 1-3 balls in the ground near the rootstock or the plant.
Recommended maximum quantity: 4-6 balls/100 l of water, adjusted to vegetation (for larger plants more is possible).
Duration depending on the growth of the plant approximately between 3 and 6 months.

The introduction into the substrate is essential. The ball must be completely sealed by the ground material such as sand, so that it can release the nutrients slowly. The ball should be brought quickly to the designated place next to or below the plant roots and not a long time lying freely in the water. With a clear position in the water, the ball softens and decays quickly, so they can not be pushed into the ground. The nutrients would be delivered then no longer provided metered slowly over a longer period.

Composition: Balls of clay with supplements

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