AquaKeramik Catfish Crayfish Shrimp Cave made of clay Ø 13 mm length 5-6 cm front entrance


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Catfish cave/shrimp cave with front entrance
Ø approx. 1.2-1.5 cm
Length 5-6 cm


AquaKeramik Catfish Crayfish Shrimp Cave made of clay Ø approx. 13 mm length 5-6 cm front entrance

This clay cave is closed on one side with a length of approx. 5-6 cm and an inner diameter of approx. 1.3 cm.

With these mini caves for various dwarf crayfish species or shrimps, you offer your animals an excellent hiding and retreat opportunity.

The small caves are quickly and easily accepted by the animals, which is a great way to support them, especially when they are young or moulting.

Young catfish can also make good use of these very small caves to hide safely in the community tank.

We use stoneware clay for the production of our clay articles, which can be high fired and contains a varying proportion of fireclay depending on the product.

On the one hand, this makes our caves very stable and durable. On the other hand, the surfaces are never completely smooth, which provides an excellent basis for surface growth, which in turn is very readily grazed by the catfish or shrimp.

This slightly rough surface of the cave also benefits the adhesive properties of most fish eggs without damaging the eggs. The eggs adhere better to the cave wall, minimising the risk of the eggs being flushed out of the cave.

Our caves are handmade and shaped. Therefore, each one has different characteristics on the outside and inside. You will receive a unique specimen in each case.

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camouflage (black/white/terracotta), supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), white, dark brown, terracotta red