AquaKeramik Shelter Hideout Front Entrance Cave open at the bottom

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Shelter open at the bottom with 3 closed sides
Length approx. 20-22 cm
depth approx. 15-17 cm
Height approx. 4-7 cm
Please note: Notes on the colours


AquaKeramik Shelter Hideout Front entrance cave bottom open

This rather flat shelter with 3 closed sides is open at the bottom and thus ideally suited for all species that like to stay on or in the bottom substrate and at the same time prefer protection from above, e.g. armoured catfish. The edges are reasonably wide, so that the cave cannot sink so quickly due to the inhabitants’ “digging”.

The height varies slightly between 4/4.5 and 7 cm. If you need a minimum height, please let us know when ordering and we will make sure you get a suitable specimen :-).

Each tunnel is unique, colour deviations are desired and intended.

Please note: Notes on the colours

Length approx. 20-22 cm, depth approx. 15-17 cm, height approx. 4-7 cm

Additional information

Weight 1,20 kg

camouflage (black/white/terracotta), navy (black/weiß), supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), vintage (grey-white), white, dark brown, terracotta red