AquaKeramik Dragonwing Hideaway in the Aquarium – NEW!


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AquaKeramik Dragon Wing Hideaway in the Aquarium – A Hiding Place Full of Magic

Discover a new dimension in the design of your aquarium with our fascinating dragon wing hideaway made of high-quality clay. This unique accessory adds an air of mystery to your underwater kingdom and provides a safe and secure retreat for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

The dragon wing has been designed with attention to detail and is a perfect replica of a majestic dragon wing. Its realistic texture adds a mystical touch to your aquarium. Whether you are following a fantasy theme or simply want an interesting change for your fish, this dragon wing is sure to become an eye-catcher in your tank.

The hiding place not only offers your fish a protected place, but also encourages their natural behaviour. Many fish species are naturally shy and prefer hidden places to feel safe. With the Dragonwing, your fish can act out their natural instincts and you can enjoy an interesting element in their habitat at the same time.

The material of the hiding place is of course safe for all aquatic inhabitants and, as always, has been carefully crafted by us in our in-house workshop. The dragon wing can also be used by other small invertebrates, such as shrimps or snails, as a hiding place or climbing aid.

The size of the Dragon Wing is ideal for most aquarium sizes and fits seamlessly into a variety of underwater landscapes. Its sturdy design makes it easy to place in the aquarium without tipping it over or disturbing the water flow.

Transform your aquarium into a mystical adventure land and give your fish an impressive hiding place with the Dragon Wing Hideaway. Bring fantasy and safety into their world and watch them curiously explore their new surroundings. Let the magic in and create a fascinating underwater world for your aquatic companions.

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