Caves made of clay for L-catfish

Most aquarists, who buy a first community tank, usually also care for their first catfish species, primarily the antenna catfish.

If there are suitable caves, shelters and other niches in an aquarium, the first breeding successes are quickly achieved even by amateurs.

AquaKeramik Wels-Höhlen

As different as the habitats are, in which our catfish kept in the aquaria originally occur, as different must also be the range of caves, because not every catfish species has the same requirements for breeding and hiding places. Thus, over time, growing personal experience and in exchange with renowned breeders and aquarists, various types of caves have been developed, which are constantly being optimised and supplemented according to new findings.
Due to the immense diversity of L-catfish it is not surprising that there are also different species in reproduction. Experts distinguish between open, cave and mouth breeders.

Ideal breeding conditions with Catfish caves

Especially for the cave breeders it is important to create the ideal breeding conditions in the aquarium. In the natural habitats the catfish retreat into tubular caves, embankments, stone niches or knotholes of fallen underwater trees. This has to be imitated as true to nature as possible. Predominantly the male animals take care of the brood. The male lays down protectively in front of the clutch of eggs and fans it.

Witch catfish tubes

A speciality in the L-catfish breeding are the witch catfish. This species of catfish requires open clay tubes throughout. Here AquaKeramik offers catfish tubes in different lengths and diameters. You can find these in our Aquarium Online Shop here under spawning tubes, e.g. AquaKeramik spawning tube RH5 – Maxi

Best quality of clay caves for your L-catfish in the aquarium

Nowadays, the most different model-variants are produced and offered at catfish-hollows for L-catfish. Whether with front, side or middle entrance, as a tube or only shelter – the animal ultimately decides for itself which catfish cave is best suited for reproduction. As soon as a suitable cave has been found, breeding success can take place under good circumstances. Therefore it’s a very important point when setting up an aquarium to always provide enough caves, preferably in different diameters around the optimum.

In order that the optical impression of the aquarium does not completely fade into the background, we offer the L-catfish caves additionally in different colours like dark brown-black, terracotta, white and also in different multi-coloured shades like Super Nova, Surprise or Camouflage. But the most popular and most used colour variation is still dark brown/black.

You can find our clay caves for catfish here.