Pressure cell for air lifter Ø 20 mm


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two-part pressure cell for 20 mm-tubes

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Two-part pressure cell for air lifters

This low-maintenance pressure cell fits on tubes with an outside diameter of 20 mm

  • quiet operation
  • uniform support up to 360-400 l/h
  • low maintenance, easy cleaning
  • Suitable for mat filters, sponge filters, biofilters, plant engineering
  • easy installation: just mount the tube, 90° arch and an outlet tube, connect the air hose & diaphragm pump
  • Required minimum length of the riser pipe 15 cm
  • air connection 4 mm for 4/6 mm silicone hose

The pressure cans always have the same defined diameter in the opening. In contrast, the diameter of commercially available riser tubes on which the drive parts are to be mounted varies minimally depending on the manufacturer or batch. As a result, it can happen that the pressure sockets are either too loose or difficult to fit. In the first case, it helps to wrap the riser tube with a little Teflon tape to fix the pressure can reversibly. If the tube is a little too thick, you can sand it down a little.

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