Indian almond bark plates for aquarium

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Indian almond bark

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Indian almond bark plates for aquarium

Indian almond tree bark, like Indian almond tree leaves, can be used for bacterial and fungal based disease symptoms such as fin rot and mucous membrane problems, and as a preventative against spawning fungus.

For L catfish, the bark can be offered as additional wood for rasping. In doing so, it has a very decorative effect in the aquarium and contributes to a near-natural design. Bark plates can be used in combination with caves for stacking or shading entrances, for building shelters or simply as a rasping offer with the positive effect on water quality known for Indian almond tree.

You have a choice of different plate sizes and formats here. Because of the shape, we found it more useful to divide them by approximate size than by weight. This way, plates of approximately the same size can have different weights due to their thickness, but take up the same amount of space in the tank. As a rule, you look at the size of what you want to accommodate, not so much the weight.

The plates sink – depending on their own weight – immediately or after a short time. It is well known that sea almond tree dyes, and these bark plates dye by their size and thickness of course not exactly little :-). If this is too dark for you, you should water the plates outside the aquarium beforehand.

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