GrowScape Planting plate Planting mat Planting aid for moss in the aquarium

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GrowScape planting mat 5×5 cm

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GrowScape planting mat for aquarium

Specially for AquaScaper there is now the GrowScape plant mat. This flexible mat can be easily shaped into any desired shape. It can then be glued to any object you like.

Unlike the well-known plant mats made of stainless steel mesh or plastic, GrowScape plant mats are 100% natural and therefore completely biodegradable. The mats have no sharp edges or protruding points where animals could be injured.

The GrowScape plant mats are delivered dry and must be soaked in water before cutting and sticking. Only then do they become soft and flexible and can be shaped. Then cut the mat into the desired shape and use a little underwater glue to stick the pieces to the roots, stones or other furnishings that you want to have covered.

You can use these plant mats with all mosses and other water plants that form roots. You can attach them just like any other planting board.

Here is an example of how a plate already covered with mosses is processed:

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