Gammarus Brown shrimps Fish food

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sundried fish food

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Gammarus – Freshwater shrimps – Fish food

Dried Gammarus float for a long time on the surface of the water by their buoyancy and are therefore suitable for all fishes eating in the upper swimming range, e.g. Betta splendens, Koi, goldfish, many cichlids and other ornamental fish. It is easy to crumble between the fingers, making it available as a high-quality food source for almost all fish sizes.
  • gently sun-dried
  • colour light brown to red brown
  • size 8-17 mm, 90 % > 10mm
  • bulk weight ca. 130 g/L

Analysis according to test report:
raw protein 47,20 %
crude fat 6,70 %
raw ash 22,30 %
crude fiber 5,30 %
Calcium 6,00 %
Humidity 11,2 %
Vitamin A, C, D

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