EBO Youngster Booster Premium Fish food

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Artemia eggs decapsulated
fast sinking


EBO Youngster Booster Premium Fish food – rearing food for young fish

fast sinking decapsulated Artemia eggs

Decapsulated Artemia eggs are a very popular and effective rearing food for young fish due to their size and nutrient content.
However, anyone who has tried feeding them knows that they do not sink well and float around everywhere in the tank.

The same applies to freshly hatched Artemia nauplii. This is fine for pelagic fish, but bottom dwellers only have limited access to the food and much of it ends up useless in the filter.

More demanding catfish species in particular, which are difficult to feed after the yolk sac has been used up, often have a high loss rate in this critical phase.

Our Youngster Booster has solved precisely this problem. The fish does not have to go to the food, the food comes to the fish.
Thanks to a special formulation, the food sinks in the water and can be delivered to the young fish using the correct feeding method (e.g. with the aid of a pipette):

Due to the high protein content of this feed, obesity may occur if it is fed too much, despite its good digestibility and optimum energy density.
Feeding instructions: Feed daily in small portions. Do not feed the animals to their full.

Delivery incl. plastic pipette

Additional information

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Additives per kg

Vitamins: Vitamin A 400,000 I.U., vitamin E 400mg (as alpha-toco-pherol acetate), vitamin B1 40mg, vitamin B2 100mg, vitamin B6 40mg, vitamin B12 200µg, vitamin K3 80mg, vitamin C 1000mg, folic acid 8mg, Ca-D pantothenate 200mg, nicotinic acid 600mg, biotin 100µg, choline chloride 1000mg


Molluscs and crustaceans (Artemia) 85%, vegetable by-products, oils and fats


Crude protein 40%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 3.5%, crude fiber 14%

Feeding instructions

Feed several times a day in small portions. Do not feed the animals enough.

Press lightly under water or mix with a small amount of water and position in the desired place in the tank using a pipette.

Shelf life & Storage

When ordered, the food can be kept for at least 11 months at room temperature.

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