EBO Snail Sticks Premium Food for Ornamental Snails


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complete food for aquarium snails
for healthy and strong shells
4 mm

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EBO Premium Snail Sticks

Our snail sticks provide your ornamental snails with all important nutrients, which are essential for a healthy shell formation.

Snails are often used in our aquariums only as scraps recyclers, which is a good idea in itself. However, this often leads to deficiency symptoms after some time, which become noticeable in brittle and holey snail shells. Here you can remedy with our snail sticks. EBO Snail Sticks contain the minerals necessary for healthy shell formation.

1 stick of 5mm length is sufficient for 20-30 animals daily. Do not overfeed!

Grain size 4 mm

Additional information

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Molluscs and crustaceans, cereals, minerals, vegetable by-products, nuts, yeasts.

Feeding instructions

1 stick of 5mm length is sufficient for 20-30 snails daily. Do not overfeed the animals!

Grain size

4 mm

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Shelf life & storage

When ordered, the food has a shelf life of at least 11 months at room temperature.

Store properly:
– Always store feed in a dark and covered place to preserve the ingredients.
– To increase shelf life, store feed in the refrigerator (then it will last about twice as long).
– Never freeze this product. During the freezing process, many ingredients are lost forever.