Crevice Cave for L Catfish Calvus-Form Cave open


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open crevice cave
ca. 11-12×11-12×3 cm


Calvus-shaped crevice cave for L catfish – open cave as hiding place

By popular request we offer you this crevice cave for all aquarium inhabitants who like it narrow. The original form was a cave for Altolamprologus calvus, here converted into an open version. Many small to medium-sized L catfish like to hide in crevices, some also need this confinement for reproduction. In addition, the uneven surface of the caves provides a good basis for surface growth, which the catfish like to graze on.

The crevice cave can be placed upright or lying down in the aquarium. Stacked horizontally, it provides a great hiding place for small to medium-sized L catfish, for example.

Like all our hiding places, this model is of course handmade from clay.

Use in the tank

When used upright, it is essential to have a substrate into which the cave can be easily pressed, otherwise it can easily topple over due to the floor surface-height ratio. Or support it with the help of e.g. stones or roots.

Size approx. 11-12×11-12×3 cm

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