AquaKeramik Planting cone Ø 3,5-4 cm


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Plant cone
Inner-Ø ca. 3,5-4 cm


AquaKeramik clay planting cone Ø ca. 3,5-4 cm

This clay plant cone is ideal for inserting bundle plants and thus for securing your aquarium planting against digging inhabitants.

With this plant cone you prevent new plants from being dug up by cichlids, catfish or other aquarium inhabitants. The surfaces are roughened so that mosses and plants that are difficult to grow can be held better and grow more easily.

All clay products are handmade and modelled. The cones are optically modelled on a tree stump and therefore look quite natural. Each cone is unique. Colour deviations are desired and intended.

Inside Ø approx. 3,5-4 cm
Ø on the ground approx. 8-10 cm
Height approx. 5 cm

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