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Feeding stick or planting stick

Length about 16-18 cm, thickness about 1.2 cm


AquaKeramik food stick or planting stick made of clay in the aquarium

This clay stick is approx. 16-18 cm long and has a diameter of approx. 1.2 cm.

You can use this clay stick as a feeding stick and attach cucumber slices or lettuce leaves to it or as a plant stick and e.g. B. Untie moss. The rod can be placed horizontally or diagonally in the aquarium or standing upright by sticking it in the ground. For example, B. design a small underwater forest in a nano aquarium.

When using it as a feed rod, you can attach a fishing line to the drilled hole and then take out the empty clay stick again without having to reach into the water. So the water is not unnecessarily burdened, the stress factor for the animals by reaching in is eliminated and your arms stay dry. In addition, you can observe your aquarium inhabitants in the best possible way when placed correctly.

All clay products are handmade and modeled. Each feed stick / plant stick is unique. Color deviations are desired and intended.

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supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), white, dark brown, terracotta red