Aquael Ultra Heater 100 W Aquarium heater


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Aquael Ultraheater 100 W
suitable for tanks from 30-100 litres

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Aquael Ultra Heater 100 W – electronic plastic aquarium heater with thermal control

The heater is easily controlled with the ONE-TOUCH system, which uses a single button surrounded by an LED ring that displays current and set temperatures.

The electronic thermostat works with exceptional precision (+/- 0.25 °C) to maintain a constant temperature in the tank. Temperatures can be set in the range between 20 and 33 °C, so the heater can also be used to treat various fish diseases.

Thanks to its unbreakable plastic housing, the ULTRAHEATER is also ideal for use in tanks where large fish or even water turtles are kept. At the same time, the heater is absolutely safe and will not cause burns to even the most sensitive animals.

  • unbreakable housing
  • precise electronic thermostat with wide temperature setting range (+/-0.25 °C)
  • modern, flat shape with functional double-sided suspension
  • produces even heat distribution – safe for the animals (burns are impossible)
  • the heater is fully electronic, the thermostat has no failure-prone mechanical parts
  • it is extremely compact and therefore perfect for nano tanks
  • it switches off automatically when the water level is too low
  • the programmed water temperature is clearly displayed
  • suitable for tanks from 60-100 litres
  • temperature setting from 20-33 °C
  • only 9 mm thick
  • length: 20.8 cm

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