Information on the reduction of value added tax from 01.07.2020

Discount code: MWST

We would like to pass on to you the reduced value added tax (16 resp. 5 % instead of 19 resp. 7 %) valid from 01.07.-31.12.2020, which is also the purpose of this decision of the Federal Government.

The value added tax is automatically shown with the new valid rate, only the prices remain the same, because a real reduction of the displayed prices here in the shop means in practical terms an enormous expenditure of time, which we can hardly afford for this short period of time. Therefore we give you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether you want to take advantage of the reduction or leave it to us as a small profit.

For technical reasons it is not (yet) possible for us to deduct the discount automatically during the ordering process in the checkout, so we are working with a discount code first:

With the voucher code MWST you can reduce your purchase in the checkout area by 3 %, by the way, this also applies to the food, which was actually only reduced by 2 % 😉

VAT reduction discount code: