About free floating breeding box

Our floating breeding box is primarily used for the rearing of juveniles. It can of course also be used for individual fish, shrimp or crabs e.g. for targeted short-term medical treatment with subsequent fresh water supply.

The rearing of juveniles and, in particular, L-catfish requires a relatively large amount of high-quality feed. If the young fish swim freely in the tank with the parents, they often do not get enough food and the breeding success falls only moderately. In order to get as many fishes as possible, it is useful to feed them in a smaller container. A simple breeding box without active filtering, e.g. a guppy rearing box, pollutes very quickly, the feeds decays and molds. The water quality deteriorates quickly for the sensitive young fish. In this case, a relatively high maintenance effort is necessary.

Remedy is an active filtering in the breeding box. The water in the box is replaced 20-30 times an hour completely, Mulm and feed residues migrate to the filter mat and are biodegraded there as well as in other mat filters. Thus a fairly large quantity of juveniles can be fed ad libitum in a small space. For example, in our large rearing box, we usually feed up to 100 ancistren up to a size of 2-2.5 cm.

EHK Aufzuchtkasten Wasserfluss

The separate air line can be used not only for particularly delicate species, which provides additional fresh air to the water in the box interior and local water movement. For this purpose, either a second diaphragm pump is necessary, or the use of a T-piece in the existing air supply line.

A further advantage of our swimming rearing box is that it floats with a sinking water level at a water change of the parent tank. In contrast to a box attached to an aquarium wall, ours does not fall dry, assuming a normal partial water change of about 30%. Essentially for the well-being of the young fish is also the possibility to be able to hide. Our breeding boxes permit a certain payload in form of small caves, tubes, bark hiding places or clay leaves.

The main advantages of our breeding box:

  • floats in the aquarium and requires no hanging or fixation
  • with a few movements it is easily and completely disassembled for optimal cleaning
  • has its own filter system and a separate air supply
  • its buoyancy also allows additional weight such as ceramic caves or hiding places
  • no blocking of gauze interfaces
  • filter changes can be done when the breeding box is in operation, without the fish must be taken out

Data Free floating breeding box small:

Content: ca. 2,4 l
Outer dimension: ca. 23,5 x 13,5 x 12 cm (LxBxH)
Usable area: ca. 11 x 11 cm
possible additional load: ca. 200 g

Data Free floating breeding box big:

Content: ca. 5,6 l
Outer dimension: ca. 30,5 x 17 x 15,5 cm (LxBxH)
Usable area: ca. 19 x 15 cm
possible additional load: ca. 400 g

Valid for both models:
For operation, a commercially available air / diaphragm pump is sufficient. If both connections are to be used, a pump with 2 connections is needed or – with only one connection available – a distributor piece (T-piece).

Air pipe ∅ 5 mm (connection via standard 4/6 mm air tube)
fully assembled, incl. exchangeable filter mat (total 3 filter mats)