Ziss Aqua ZH-2000 Artemia Blender Inkubator – Packing damaged

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Packaging with transport damage
Contents in order, cardboard box more or less defective see photos

delivery time: 1-3 working days



A shipment of Artemia Blenders arrived with partially dented packaging. It would be completely contrary to our attitude to send them back, where they would probably be disposed of, just because it is purely uneconomical to provide the contents with new cardboard boxes. We do not want to contribute to this waste of resources and offer you these fully functional blenders at a lower price. It is really only the cardboard boxes that are damaged.

Ziss Aqua ZH-2000 Artemia Blender Inkubator – Incubator for brine shrimps

If you are an aquarist and want to breed Artemia yourself for your young fish breeding, this new breeding tank from Ziss Aqua is the perfect tool for you.

With its unique design it makes the incubation of the brine shrimp eggs easy and uncomplicated and with its 2 litre capacity it offers enough space for an aquarium heater, a ventilator stone and a thermometer slot (ventilator stone and thermometer are included). In this way you can comfortably ensure optimal conditions for the hatching of the artemia eggs.

The breeding tank has a valve at the bottom, through which the required amount of feed artemia can be drained very conveniently.

The brine shrimp incubator can be operated both inside and outside the aquarium.

Size of the entire mounted vessel: 18 x 14 x 33 cm

Accessories required for operation:
Silicone air hose
Diaphragm pump

optional, not absolutely necessary, but increases the slip rate:
Heating element (standard round heating element fits exactly into the opening in the middle of the lid)


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Weight 1.1 kg
Option with Diaphragm pump

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