Mulberry leaves for aquarium 10 small leaves Smoothly pressed


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10 mulberry leaves

Size approx. 8-10 cm


Mulberry leaves for aquarium

Mulberry leaves are ideal as a feed supplement for freshwater shrimp and bring a healthy change into the diet.

With 15-25% they have a remarkably high protein content. In addition, they contain important vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (including zinc, boron, manganese, fluorine and phosphorus) for shrimp. Thus, mulberry leaves are an excellent feed for all shrimp that has a positive effect on growth and moult.

They are organically grown and air-dried. Thus, the nutrients in the leaves remain.

To make them sink faster, put mulberry leaves in hot water for 5-10 minutes, then let them cool and put them in the aquarium. Of course, you can also put them into the tank dry, but then it will take longer for them to sink.

10 sheets in convenient resealable bag
The size and shape of the individual sheets may vary slightly.

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