2x AquaKeramik clay plant cones for aquarium Ø approx. 3.5-4 cm White

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This clay plant cone is ideally suited for inserting fretted plants and thus securing your aquarium planting against burrowing inhabitants.

All clay products are handmade and modelled. The cones are visually modelled on a tree stump and therefore look quite natural. Each cone is unique. Colour variations are desired and intended.

2 plant cones, marking see photo:

No. 1
inner Ø approx. 3,5-4 cm
Ø at the bottom approx. 10-11 cm
Height approx. 6-7 cm

No. 2
inner Ø approx. 2.5-3 cm
Ø at the bottom approx. 7-8 cm
Height approx. 6 cm

Shape different from our standard model

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