Small stone cave ,Abigail’ from clay

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Small clay stone cave
for aquarium and terrarium
approx. 15 x 11-12 x 5-6 cm

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Small stone cave ,Abigail’ made of clay

With different sizes and colors we offer your aquarium and terrarium inhabitants such as catfish, perches, small lizards or even mice or dwarf hamsters with our new stone caves made of clay a nice hiding place, which fits wonderfully into a naturally furnished tank.

All our caves are handmade, air-dried and then cleaned and sanded to remove any corners or edges completely.
Since all clay caves are made by hand, variations in color and dimensions may occur, as each is incomparably unique.

approx. 15 x 11-12 x 5-6 cm

Entrance size and position varies:
We have not yet been able to decide on the type and size of the entrances, so the stone caves currently being made are not (yet) uniform, each is unique.
If you need a certain entrance size, i.e. a minimum or maximum dimension, please write it down in your order or send us an e-mail.
We will then see if we have a suitable cave in stock or, if necessary, make one with your desired entrance dimensions.

If you want to use one of the stone cave models as a cichlid breeding cave, which has the entrance in the cave ceiling instead of below, this is also possible.
Please let us know the diameter of the hole you need.

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