AquaKeramik Spawning tube clay tube RH3S Ø 20-25 mm

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Length approx. 12 cm
Ø approx. 2-2.5 cm

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AquaKeramik spawning tube clay tube Ø 20-25 mm

clay tube approx. 12 cm long, Ø approx. 2-2.5 cm

With these mini tubes you offer an excellent hiding place for some animals of the genera Rineloricaria and Hemiloricaria, the so-called ‘witch catfish’. Of the small species these are also used as spawning caves.

These tubes are also used in the breeding of loricariid catfish. In small rearing boxes such as the numerous variations of the hanging tank, you offer the offspring a possibility to withdraw. These tubes are quickly and easily accepted by the still young animals, especially during the time of growing up a great opportunity to support the animals.

This type of ornamental fish caves are handmade, so each one has different characteristics such as the inner diameter. Each tube is unique.

Also, plants such as Anubias nana can be very well attached to all catfish tubes, which further enhance the natural effect.

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