AquaKeramik Front entrance cave catfish clay cave FES2 Ø 25 mm


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Ø approx. 2,5 cm
Length 10 cm

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AquaKeramik Front entrance cave catfish clay cave Ø 25 mm

clay cave approx. 10 cm long with diameter approx. 2.5 cm

These front entrance caves are often used for the breeding of young, half grown loricariid catfish such as the blue antenna catfish and CPO’s (crabs). Accepted quickly and without problems by the animals, the young catfish seek shelter in it and can thus develop and grow very well.

Good size also for breeding L46.

The catfish caves are handmade and formed. Therefore, each of them has different characteristics on the outside and inside. In any case you will receive a unique specimen.

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camouflage (black/white/terracotta), supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), white, dark brown, terracotta