AquaKeramik cave tower of 3 tubes navy No. 72 loose

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AquaKeramik cave tower of 3 tubes

Tower made of 3 interconnected tubes
diameter of each tube approx. 6,5-7 cm
length approx. 25 cm

This tower was not so well assembled and one tube came loose during firing. As can be seen in the pictures, the tubes can be placed as a tower of 3 without any problems. For residents who do not tear down the furnishings or like to move them, the tower can be left like this. For comrades who are willing to change the setup, it would make sense to glue the tube on, either with silicone or a water-suitable superglue.

Because of the possibly necessary tinkering to have especially cheap 🙂

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Weight 3 kg

camouflage (black/white/terracotta), navy (black/weiß), supernova (brown with light and dark parts), surprise (light with parts in red and/or black), vintage (gray-white), white, dark brown, terracotta